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Rivotrill’s three members – Junior Crato (flute, Saxophone, Keyboard), Lucas dos Prazeres, (percussion) and Rafael Duarte (bass) – have shown creativity and innovation in their compositions, whilst establishing their position as one of the exceptional talents in Brazilian instrumental music, with a long and productive history behind them.

The influences of these three young musicians are a mix of compelling musical elements, tackled with the utmost sensitivity.  Ranging from free jazz, ‘70s progressive rock, Latin rhythms and the African nuances of traditional music from the northeast of Brazil, the composite fusion creates a fluid dialogue between the musicians and their instruments.  The unwavering pulse of Rafael’s bass, the intense yet transient nature of Lucas’ percussion, culminating in the lucid sound of Junior’s melodies form their incomparable sound.

The fusion of strength and softness are features which complement and blend into one another to create breath-taking performances.  Their music has a great sense of freedom and virtuosity, deliciously savoured and always present in every sound forged by these three musicians.

With some excellent performances in Brazilian musical events, such as RecBeat, Festival de Inverno de Garanhuns, Guarulhos Instrumental Musical Festival and the Music Fair in Fortaleza, Rivotrill is earning the critics’ praise and cementing their place as an unparalleled act on the contemporary music scene.

In March 2007, Rivotrill’s musicians, along with their artistic and technical team, took up residence in a house to record their album.  Every room would be their studio and every setting brought a new sound to capture.  The idea was to record with unlimited creative freedom, which would fuel the “hurricane” of ideas the group wanted to apply to their album.

In addition to this, the album, entitled Curva de Vento (Curve of the Wind), features collaborations with various guest artists, who contributed their ingenuity to the final sound.  The artists included Nana Vasconcelos, Maestro Spok, Yuri Queiroga and Renata Rosa and Fabio Costa.

With its debut album, the group brings to the public a pioneering concept of instrumental music.  The result only confirms the potential of Rivotrill and their sound as something full of originality, which will change the way we see instrumental music today.


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